We are excited to invite you to our Annual general Meeting

DATE: Monday June 19th, 2023

VENUE: 785, Keewatin street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

TIME: Registration Begins at 5:30pm

Meeting starts at 6:00pm

Accreditation – Involving Clients and Families & PET BIO – Brice and Inti

PET HIGHTLIGHT of the week – Brice and Inti – Submitted by Bonnie Gairns (WRHA)

Brice & Inti were adopted in December 2017 from the Winnipeg Humane Society.  Inti was just 3 months old and a funny looking kitten. Inti means “sun” in Quechua! She’d been rescued off the street and had to have part of her tail amputated due to severe frostbite.  My younger daughter saw her and fell in love with her. We totally scooped her!  Brice was surrendered to the Humane Society by his first family after breaking a leg. Unfortunately, the family could not afford the surgery to fix his leg.  He now has a pin in his back left leg and sometimes uses that leg awkwardly. The Humane Society described Brice as a “fearless green leader.” Hah!  He is neurotic and very, very needy. He was NOT pleased to find out he was not the only cat in the house and he fought constantly with Inti for the first 2 weeks. They now get along like most siblings: usually on good terms, but sometimes they annoy each other.  We can’t imagine our home without them.


Policy Highlight – Family Presence Policy – see attached the NorWest adapted policy and original Family Presence Policy, WRHA

  • The Family Presence Policy was created to facilitate the presence and involvement of family in the provision of care.
  • Client and family involvement was identified as a priority area within the NorWest Quality Plan and implementing a Family Presence Policy was an action taken to address the need to involve clients and families in all aspects of care (planning, delivering and evaluating services) .
  • The NorWest family presence policy can be found under X:\NWC\SHARED\NorWest Policies\2014-2021 NorWest Policies Updated\Client & Community Relations\CCR-18 Family Presence Policy.docx
  • Below are some of the ways we gather input from clients and families as “with input from clients and families” is woven into many Accreditation standards.  Staff may be asked to comment on how they involve clients and families in all aspects of care from program/services development, setting goals and objectives and evaluating services.

Shannon Milks, RD
Chronic Disease Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her
NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre 
785 Keewatin St.  Winnipeg, MB  R2X 3B9
Cell: 204.226.7706