ACCREDITATION – Workplace Safety and Health – Fire Policy & PET BIO – TIMBIT 

Here is your weekly Accreditation Update:

PET HIGHLIGHT of the WEEK – TIMBIT – submitted by Irena Moskalyuk, Dept of Families

Timbit, 9 yrs old oversized Pomeranian, understands commands in two languages and wonders, why his 13 yr old human brother can’t even respond to commands in one language!



Accreditation standards relate to many of the Workplace Safety and Health processes that we have in place at our site.  Examples of these standards are:

  • Education and training on health and safety regulations and organizational policies on workplace safety are provided to team members.”
  • “Education and training are provided to team members on how to prevent and manage workplace violence (abuse, aggression, threats).”


Did you know?

  • We have a Workplace Safety and Health Committee that meets quarterly throughout the year
  • Workplace safety and health policies can be found at X:\NWC\SHARED\NorWest Policies\2014-2021 NorWest Policies Updated\WS&H
  • Our last fire drill at Access NorWest was April 2021
  • The WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) binder can be found in Ken Grove’s former office (upper cabinet – cabinet door labelled WHMIS)
  • Access NorWest has a Disturbance Response Team (DRT) with representatives from many different teams that respond to any disturbances (ie. Panic button pressed, aggressive client) immediately when onsite and follow up is coordinated in response to an incident.
  • There are several Violence Prevention Modules found on the WRHA LMS (Learning Management System) that staff are required to complete.

Questions that may be asked by a Surveyor:

  • What training have you received in the area of preventing, managing and reporting workplace violence?
  • What is your role in response to a fire or another disaster?
  • How would you handle a chemical spill?