ACCREDITATION – Workplace Safety and Health P&P PET BIO Frank & Beans

This week we have TWO Accreditation updates as I was away last week….here is your first update:

PET Highlight of the Week – Frank and Beans (submitted by Laura Shapira, WRHA Public Health)

Frank and Beans are 2 year old Skinny pigs. They love eating veggies and having floor time. They were adopted from Popcorn and Binkies Rescue Haven.


Policy Highlight

Workplace Safety and Health policies and procedures is an important area that Surveyors can assess during their onsite visits.

Please watch this short video (featuring Mike Sadlowski from NorWest) which is a Safety Orientation to Access NorWest featuring a tour of our building highlighting our procedures for responding to a fire, spill and where safety related items can be found (fire extinguishers, panic buttons, AED, etc.).  Scroll down to find the links to this video!

Please note that we have now placed the WHMIS binder (originally stored in Ken Grove’s office) back in its original location – above the mail slots in the staff mailroom.


The file is too large to email so it can be located on the following shared drives:
NorWest: X:\NWC\SHARED\Admin\Workplace Safety and Health\Workplace safety and health orientation copy.mp4
WRHA: S:\PUBLIC_HEALTH\Workplace Safety & Health\Workplace safety and health orientation copy.mp4

Questions you may be asked by a Surveyor….

  • What training have you received in the area of fire safety or responding to any emergency?
  • Describe the steps you would take in the event of a fire?
  • How would you respond to a chemical spill?
  • What is the procedure for reporting a safety problem?


Shannon Milks, RD
Chronic Disease Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her
NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre
785 Keewatin St.  Winnipeg, MB  R2X 3B9
Cell: 204.226.7706