About the Community Food Centre

Community Consultation

From May to September 2013 NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre staff conducted community consultations to gain insight into food issues, strengths and challenges in the Inkster area. We connected with 575 individuals through 48 meetings including one on one interviews, focus groups, brainstorming sessions and activities at events. This input shaped the kind of programs the NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre will offer.

Let’s Talk About Food Inkster! discusses the results of our consultation including the process, top ten themes that emerged, program areas and a few inspiring quotes we heard from the community.

Top Ten Themes

1. People want to connect. Bridging divides between cultural communities within Inkster is important to many.

2. Poverty is a major challenge. There is interest in continuing the discussion about poverty, hunger, ill health.

3. Food programming should focus on the entire family – involve children, youth, and elders/seniors.

4. Brooklands and Weston are areas of concern due to lack of services, food stores, poor transportation and poverty.

5. Diabetes prevention, support and hands on education are important to the community.

6. There is a strong interest in programming with a fi tness component.

7. The neighbourhood wants community gardens but is also anxious about these spaces getting vandalized or abandoned.

8. Transportation is an issue for some neighborhoods and groups within Inkster.

9. The high newcomer population has specifi c needs around volunteering, community connection building and food skills development.

10. There is a desire to build basic food literacy skills including budgeting, label reading, nutrition and cost effective healthy eating.

For more information please see the the Inkster Community Food Assessment, developed by Food Matters Manitoba in partnership with NorWest Co-op Community Health. This document provides detailed information about neighbourhood food challenges and opportunities.