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Foot Care


Take steps towards healthy feet – call our Foot Care Team today!

We offer a specialized nursing foot care program that aims to help clients take control of their foot health, improve mobility and prevent falls and other foot-related complications.


Our specialized nursing foot care services include:

  • Foot health assessment
  • Ongoing nursing assessment and care
  • Health education and information regarding foot care, foot wear, personal hygiene
  • Referrals as required for further professional care
  • Regularly scheduled appointments as available to maintain continuity of care throughout the year


Our services are available to eligible clients at no cost, at a number of sites throughout Winnipeg. You may be eligible for foot care if your feet are in poor condition, you are unable to cut your own toenails due to health concerns or if you do not have extended health benefits which cover a large portion of the cost of private foot care providers.

Find Out More:

To find out if you are eligible, please call INTAKE at 204.938.5905.