About Us


NorWest Co-op Community Health engages our community in cooperative health and wellness. We run a community-based organization that operates according to the following principles:

Our Vision:

People taking control of their health.


To engage our community in cooperative health and wellness.


Integrity. Non-judgment. Dignity.

Vital. Responsive. Best-practice.

Self-health. Engagement. Capacity-building.


Visit or call us at our main location:
Access NorWest
785 Keewatin Street
Winnipeg, MB R2X 3B9
Phone: (204) 938-5900
Fax: (204) 938-5994

Clinic Hours:
Monday- Friday 9:00- 8:00PM
Saturday- 9:00- 3:00PM

NorWest Co-op Membership
Our members are truly on the road to community well-being. Join us and find out how you can take part.
What We Do
NorWest Co-op Community Health focuses on engaging our community in co-operative health and wellness.
Get Involved
We run a cooperative care model – and that means you have the chance to take control of your own health and wellness.
Volunteer Program
Resource Centres
There are three resource centres in the community which operate various programs and services outside of the NorWest Co-op main location.
NorWest Co-op partners with many other organizations in different ways. Read all about these partners and their involvement in the community.
Board of Directors