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Immigrant Women’s Counselling

immigrant womens

Confidential and non-judgmental counselling for immigrant women who have experienced trauma in their country of origin and/or domestic violence.


We provide interpreter services, support, advocacy and referrals, public education and individual and group counselling in the areas of domestic violence, parenting, health, law, immigration, EIA, housing and education.

We can help with the process of cultural adaptation, encourage you to know your rights in Canada and help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes knowing the impact of abuse and trauma.

We can also help you identify and deal with feelings related to abuse and refer you to programs and resources that can assist you further.

Eligibility:Immigrant Women’s Counselling Services is available to women who:

  • are Newcomers
  • are long-term residents of Canada
  • are experiencing domestic violence
  • have a history of trauma in their country of origin
  • are needing support adapting to Canadian culture
  • services available city wide

Find Out More:

For more information for yourself or someone you know please contact an Immigrant Women’s Counselling Services Intake Worker at (204) 938-5900