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Saving Circle

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Apply for Saving Circle. Is there something you or your family need, but it seems like you will never be able to save enough money? This program can support you to improve your financial situation.

How it works?

We will match your $1 with $3. For example, with the minimum deposit of $5 monthly we will match you $15 totally in $20. We will match a maximum of $250, with $750. This equals to a $1000 towards an asset.

  • Must complete Money Management Training (10 sessions)
  • Must save 4-6 months in a row
  • Min $5 deposit | Max of $65 deposit

Eligibility for Saving Circle

  • Live in Winnipeg – priority will be given to Inkster residents
  • Have a strong desire to improve your financial future
  • Not be a current or past IDA program participant
  • Be at or below the project’s income cut-off (If you are a little over you should apply anyway)

Family Income



1 person $17, 896
2 people $22, 280
3 people 27, 390
4 people $33, 255
5 people $37, 718
6 people $42, 539

7 or more people

$47, 360

Program Details

Location: Weston Memorial Community Centre

Closed group, need to be accepted into the program to attend.

Application Deadline: January 18, 2021


Find Out More

Contact Roxanne for information about upcoming sessions: (204) 782-8793

Application Form available here.

More information available here.

Click Here for a sample brochure with more information on goals and income cut-offs.